Improve Your ROI With the Virtual Assistants for LinkedIn

virtual assistants on linkedin

As a growing platform, LinkedIn keeps changing its rules and regulations to keep the platform spam free for all its users. And, if you are someone who runs a marketing or sales agency, you would face quite difficult to get results from the platform for your clients. Majority of the time, LinkedIn will end up restricting your LinkedIn account and you would stop receiving new leads from the platform for your clients.

That’s why smart LinkedIn outreach software like UberFox helps you by providing virtual assistants for LinkedIn. The smartest way to generate leads on LinkedIn.

Why use Virtual Assistant for LinkedIn?

If you are using any kind of outreach tool or LinkedIn automation tool to generate revenue or generate leads from LinkedIn, you would have faced the account restriction problem on LinkedIn for sure. Believe it or not, no software is perfect and that’s why we end up facing issues on LinkedIn at crucial times.

So, to avoid such issues and letting your warm clients go on LinkedIn without sharing your contact information, a virtual assistant will help you grow! The virtual assistant for LinkedIn will end up doing all the hard work for your agency and sales manager. Once the prospect gets connected and is ready to listen to your sales pitch, UberFox will help the virtual assistant create a new chat group on LinkedIn and warmly handover the lead to your sales team. This will effectively reduce the churn at the platform’s end itself.

How does LinkedIn Virtual Assistants work?

UnerFox helps you set up and run outreach campaigns on LinkedIn with the help of virtual assistants in just a few clicks. You can scale your personalized LinkedIn outreach and run effective outreach campaigns easily.

We generally recommend you use the paid LinkedIn account to run these campaigns. But, you would not need to buy separate subscription plans for all your virtual assistants on LinkedIn. You can submit your prospect list to the virtual assistants and with smart blacklists in place, the assistants will run prospecting campaigns.

Once a prospect is interested in your products or services, your virtual assistant for LinkedIn will automatically start a new group conversation and add you in that conversation. This warm prospect handover on LinkedIn will help you build sales rapport faster and easier.

And then , the most difficult part of the work is over. The prospect is not directly added to your sales cycle and you can keep the communication going till you close the deal.

Why UberFox :

  • You are not required to purchase separate LinkedIn premium accounts for your virtual assistants. One premium prospecting account for your personalized campaign is enough.
  • The warm handover of prospects will take place with personalized messages, so your prospects do not get confused talking to you.
  • Team blacklist will ensure your account covers the maximum numbers of users on the platform.
  • As you would minimize using outreach on your main platform, your chances of getting restricted on LinkedIn would drastically reduce.

Want to learn more insights about your own virtual assistant on Linkedin? Book a demo and see UberFox in action with us!