LinkedIn Lead Generation: SSI, Warm up, Invitation Limits and LinkedIn Jail

inkedIn lead generation

You’ve hit the maximum number of invites for the week.

Please provide this individual’s email to confirm your acquaintance.

Your activity suggests an unusually rapid traversal of LinkedIn pages. It’s likely that automation is at play. Now what? 🤔

If these phrases resonate with you, it’s likely that you’ve been impacted by LinkedIn’s constantly evolving algorithms. And rest assured, you’re not facing this alone. Since November 2020, an increasing number of salespeople have voiced their frustrations over the restrictions on the number of connection requests they’re able to send on a daily or weekly basis, seeking advice on this matter. This is LinkedIn jail, ladies and gentlemen!

It’s important to be upfront about this: there is no fixed limit for sending invites, nor is there a one-size-fits-all solution that works for everyone.

The algorithm remains an enigmatic puzzle that continues to baffle us. However, by gathering insights from various industry experts, we have put together a guide on LinkedIn lead generation that you can rely on.

What are LinkedIn Lead Generation Challenges?

LinkedIn continues to be a highly effective platform for generating leads and networking. Its popularity led numerous individuals to view it merely as a means for quick financial gain. Consequently, they invested considerable effort and capital into aggressively distributing bulk invites, requests for connection, and personal communications, without consideration for the contributions they were making to the community. This approach transformed what was once a lucrative opportunity into a quagmire.

LinkedIn places a strong emphasis on maintaining the platform’s integrity and consistently revises its guidelines to ensure this. The company asserts that these measures help uphold a high standard of interaction, foster a positive atmosphere, and ensure that the network remains an advantageous and welcoming space for companies of various sizes.

This time, their group introduced the subsequent modifications :

LinkedIn Weekly Invitation Limit

At UberFox, we’ve been grappling with this situation for some time. Initially, there was an algorithm governing weekly limits, which considered various aspects, including:

  • The number of invitations you issued
  • The number of pending invitations
  • The quantity of accepted invitations
  • The amount of declined invitations

However, a significant update dramatically affected us in March 2021. It seems that LinkedIn has started experimenting with new boundaries, permitting certain users to only send up to 100 invitations each week.

Although this change does not impact every LinkedIn account as of now, it could either be a test phase (A/B testing) or a targeted action against users whose behavior is deemed spammy by LinkedIn. Nevertheless, there’s a possibility that this restriction could extend to all profiles in the near future.

What Is the Solution to Generate Leads on LinkedIn With Invitation Limits?

Should you receive a notification regarding your weekly limit, it’s advisable to pause until the next week before issuing additional invites. Alternatively, to circumvent this limitation, consider shifting towards a different LinkedIn lead generation approach. The team at Linked Helper, a tool designed for LinkedIn automation, recommends employing a mix of UberFox and Linked Helper. This strategy involves extending invitations to 2nd or 3rd-degree connections through their email addresses.

By adopting this technique, you can avoid triggering the weekly limit alerts on your account while enhancing your lead generation activities. For comprehensive instructions on how to implement this method, click here.

What Is With Automation Tool Warning on LinkedIn?

When you’re logging in, you might spot an alert about automation tools on your profile. This could be because LinkedIn has identified the presence of untrustworthy tools or browser plugins. It’s advised to avoid cutting corners here and instead opt for reliable and safe options such as UberFox or LinkedFusion.

Another factor could be actions reminiscent of a bot. When users solely engage in profile visits, this raises eyebrows. It becomes even more suspect if the only activity is sending connection invites. Furthermore, if these invitations are largely ignored or accepted without subsequent communication, it could further arouse suspicion.

What Does LinkedIn Say About Restrictions?

Upon examining the specified LinkedIn connection restrictions, it became evident that they are somewhat ambiguously outlined. The platform mentions two primary factors that could lead to a temporary limitation on your ability to send connection invitations to other members of the network:

  • An excessive number of connection requests were distributed over a brief timeframe.
  • A significant number of those requests were either disregarded by the recipients or classified as spam.

The majority of limitations are lifted on their own after seven days. However, based on the kind of limitation you have, the LinkedIn team recommends the following approach:

  • For your initial limitation — Pause for a few hours before making another attempt.
  • For numerous limitations within a single day — Hold off for a few days before attempting once more.
  • For limitations due to sending too many pending invitations — Allow roughly one month to pass before attempting to send another connection invitation.
  • Additionally, the platform offers several guidelines on how to circumvent restrictions on sending invitations (according to their official site):
    Maintain a high-quality network of contacts.
  • Only send invitations to people you know and trust.
  • Personalize your invitations by adding context; remind the person how you met or explain your reason for connecting.
  • For reaching out to LinkedIn members you’re not acquainted with, utilize InMail and participate in Groups.
  • Ensure your profile includes a photo and is kept current with the latest information to be easily recognizable, like job title, and so on.
  • Your networking efforts should adhere to LinkedIn’s Professional Community Guidelines and the User Agreement.

As evident, LinkedIn’s advice regarding limitations is somewhat vague. Therefore, we’ve taken the initiative to provide you with hands-on recommendations from experts who have extensive experience with various accounts and tools.

We’re here to support you!

LinkedIn Lead Generation Without Restrictions in 2024

Work on your ICP, Buyer Persona, and Value Proposition

Initially, it’s crucial to have an in-depth understanding of your market to identify the optimal strategy for engaging your audience. Ensure you adhere to these straightforward procedures to fully leverage your LinkedIn initiatives:

  • Create ICP, BP, and VP

Ensure you define and continuously refresh your target customer profile and buyer persona. Additionally, implementing segmentation and personalization tactics will benefit you. Tailor and refine your value proposition and communication to align with your Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Persona. Consider conducting surveys within your intended market to understand their preferences and requirements better. Doing so will aid in enhancing your product or service offering.

  • Keep Testing and Modifying

Evaluate your communications, assess how your audience responds, adjust accordingly, and continuously repeat this sequence. Additionally, consistently refresh both your value proposition and buyer profiles to ensure you are addressing the appropriate audience, presenting them with the correct proposition, and allocating your resources efficiently.

Warm up Your LinkedIn Account

To avoid appearing as though you’re engaging in any questionable behavior, it’s crucial to stay below a specified limit of activities until your account has sufficiently acclimated.

Limits on Daily LinkedIn Invitation Sending:

  • During the first 1 to 5 days, limit to 10 connection requests per day.
  • From day 5 to day 10, increase to 20 connection requests daily.
  • From day 15 to day 20, allow up to 30 daily connections.
  • Between day 20 and day 25, up the limit to 50 connections daily.

Continue this routine for roughly two weeks while keeping an eye on your account’s performance. Subsequently, you may gradually raise the number of daily invites. Yet, if the rate of people accepting your invitations falls below 60%, it’s wise not to send over 50 connection requests each day.

The advisable number of connection requests can also vary based on the nature of your account. For a standard LinkedIn account with around 1,500 connections and a typical acceptance rate of 60%, Smulders suggests not exceeding 30 daily invites. Conversely, for a Premium Account utilizing Sales Navigator, the appropriate range could be approximately 50 to 70 invites per day.

Establish a guideline to limit daily invitations to approximately 3-5% of your total LinkedIn connections. Progressing at a gradual rate ensures safety, yet achieving desired outcomes is essential, therefore striking a balance is crucial.

LinkedIn messaging restrictions:

  • Up to 30 messages a day is the most conservative and safe approach.
  • Only for profiles that are suitably active, aim for 50-70 messages spread throughout the day.
  • Specifically for premium account holders, sending 70-100 messages a day is feasible, provided it aligns perfectly with your strategy.

LinkedIn Monthly Search Limitations:

  • For new or inactive profiles, limit to 30 searches.
  • A maximum of 300 searches is allowed for active, non-premium profiles.
  • Premium account holders or those with Sales Navigator access enjoy unlimited searches.

How to Warm Up Your LinkedIn Account Manually?

Search for a profile in the correct manner. Instead of copying and pasting the URL into your web browser or opening the profile in a new tab, enter the individual’s name into LinkedIn’s search field and select the appropriate profile from the options presented.

  • Engage with 2-3 of their most recent posts or updates by liking them.
  • After waiting for a day, revisit the profile of your potential connection and follow them.
  • Wait an additional 24 hours before you extend a connection request, ensuring to include a personalized message.
  • Upon acceptance of your invitation, continue to engage with them by progressively sending multiple messages until you receive a response.
  • Maintain a consistent pace of sending out 50-70 connection requests each day and clear any pending requests.
  • Increase your success rate by engaging with potential customers across various social networks. Aim to engage with them on different sites to build recognition of your brand. Engaging with their content or following them on platforms like Facebook, for instance, triggers a notification that makes them aware of you. Consequently, when these prospects encounter your profile on LinkedIn, they are more likely to accept your connection request.

While it may appear to involve numerous labor-intensive activities, fortunately, there exists a selection of dependable automation solutions designed to assist in preparing your account for use, such as UberFox, LinkedFusion, LeadConnect, among others. However, it’s important to exercise caution, as there are several considerations to account for when employing automation in your outreach efforts. These will be discussed in the subsequent sections.

Improving Your LinkedIn SSI Score

The Social Selling Index (SSI) acts as a gauge for determining your worth within the LinkedIn community. A higher SSI score not only grants you greater leeway in forging connections but also diminishes the likelihood of receiving warnings and increases your opportunities to finalize transactions.

Experience indicates that this relationship is reciprocal: enhancing your professional branding and nurturing stronger connections with LinkedIn users boosts your SSI score.
The SSI evaluates every LinkedIn profile on a scale from 0 to 100, spread across four distinct domains, with each capable of earning up to 25 points:

  • Cultivating your professional identity = what is the level of completeness of your profile?
  • Identifying the right contacts = how frequently do you share content that engages the audience (through likes, shares, comments)?
  • Interacting with insights = how well does your network align with your profile (in terms of skills, role, keywords)?
  • Fostering connections = how dynamically is your network expanding?

From what we’ve gathered through our own experiences, a minimum score of 50 is advisable. However, achieving a score between 60 to 80 would elevate your position to the forefront of the industry and network SSI standings. Attaining a perfect score of 100 is practically unattainable. Should anyone present you with evidence of their 100-point SSI, be assured, it’s likely been manipulated with photo editing software. 

Initially, LinkedIn developed its Social Selling Index (SSI) exclusively for sales professionals, accessible solely to purchasers of the Sales Navigator. Now, you have the ability to check your SSI without needing a premium account at this link:

Establishing a Professional Brand on LinkedIn

Achieving a 25% threshold in this challenging yet enduring metric necessitates completing every part of your profile:

  • Ensure you input all necessary information such as a catchy headline, profile image, a brief summary of yourself, and an overview of your professional experience, till your profile attains 100% completion. Utilize every available space to its fullest, highlighting your accomplishments, the achievements you’re most proud of, and your contributions.
  • Emphasize the moments you added value for your clients and provide instances of your work.
    Integrate as many skills as possible into your profile. You’re allowed up to 50, which act as search-enhancing keywords that boost your presence on the platform.
  • Regarding skills, be proactive in endorsing your peers, clients, and any professional contacts, as this often encourages them to endorse you in return.
  • Offer feedback and solicit testimonials from clients and collaborators, especially after a project concludes successfully or following participation in a webinar. Moreover, don’t hesitate to contact previous associates for support. Aiming for 1-2 endorsements monthly is advisable.
  • To establish yourself as an authority within your field, it’s crucial to share worthwhile multimedia content. Specifically, LinkedIn suggests drafting a concise summary of your offerings in SlideShare and distributing detailed long-form articles that demonstrate your industry knowledge.

Keep in mind, every detail of your profile must highlight your proficiency and focus on your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

How to Find Right People on LinkedIn?

If you’ve accurately pinpointed your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Buyer Persona (BP), fully maximizing this metric should pose no issue for you.

It’s effective — focus exclusively on the businesses that align perfectly with your requirements. LinkedIn evaluates the relevancy of your contact network in relation to your profile. Therefore, reflect on how well your abilities, educational background, role, key terms, and various other criteria match up.

Here are your next steps:

  • Utilize efficient LinkedIn research tools to quickly establish connections with top-tier leads. LinkedIn suggests employing its Sales Navigator for targeting key decision-makers. It’s worth noting that leveraging this tool can elevate your Social Selling Index (SSI) by 20% within six months.
  • Broaden your network through second-degree connections. Apply filters to identify potential clients within these contacts.
  • Investigate prospective leads thoroughly. Discover shared interests to forge connections, participate in LinkedIn groups, and monitor significant prospects. Sales Navigator also enables you to access up-to-the-minute insights about them, allowing you to reach out at the opportune moment.
  • Monitor who has shown interest in your activities and visited your profile. Sales Navigator provides the capability to review such activities for up to the past 90 days.

Another metric that we have previously discussed is the rejection rate. Having a high number of outstanding requests can adversely impact this measure.

Building Relationships With LinkedIn Connections

  • Initiate engaging conversations to foster trust with stakeholders and influencers within your industry.
  • Focus on developing bonds with high-ranking officials in your specific field.
  • Forge alliances within your organization and seek endorsements from higher-ups and peers.
  • Upon making connections, maintain and deepen those relationships by periodically offering support, sharing pertinent updates, or presenting solutions that address your prospects’ business challenges.

Seems like a hefty task, doesn’t it? However, fret not, as we’ve prepared some handy and efficient advice for you.

Remember, taking actions towards this goal can significantly enhance your SSI, particularly when employing LinkedIn features such as LI Sales Navigator, LI Pulse, LI InMail, LI Groups, SlideShare, TeamLink, and more.

Add Personalization in Your Outreach

Individuals show greater eagerness to engage with, peruse, and reply to messages tailored specifically to them rather than generic communications. In 2024, innovative services will enable the customization of not only the salutation and content of the message but also images, GIFs, and videos. Indeed, this includes LinkedIn as well!

Customization swiftly enhances the success metrics of your initiatives, leading to an increase in your Return on Investment (ROI). Furthermore, improved rates of engagement and interaction contribute to raising your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI), thereby establishing you as a respected member within the community.

Utilizing these instruments or similar options, you have the opportunity to develop a multi-channel remarketing strategy. This involves a user interacting with a customized message by clicking a link, and subsequently encountering the same tailored content across different platforms, such as Facebook. By doing so, you’ll enhance your brand visibility and engage your target audience more effectively.

Take Care While Using LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools

LinkedIn experts suggest that using any automated LinkedIn lead generation tool might end up locking your LinkedIn profile or getting banned from LinkedIn. This may hinder your growth and LinkedIn outreach. This might stop you from generating new leads or LinkedIn sales as well.

Thus, try to follow the limits set by LinkedIn as a platform. Effective lead generation can only take place when your LinkedIn profile is performing well, you are following all the LinkedIn marketing strategies well, your efforts on LinkedIn are providing great value.

Things You Need to Take Care Before Using LinkedIn Automation

  • Use a safe tool with dedicated IP for your account.
  • Make sure your tool has an option to take effective follow ups to engage your connections.
  • The tool should have ability to interact with your preferred CRM solution. This way, you can sync LinkedIn and email conversations for your high-quality leads in one click.
  • Before you boost your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn, start creating strong LinkedIn presence. So, implementing tool will boost your ability to get qualified leads better.
  • When you implement LinkedIn outreach strategy to capture leads, make sure to implement content marketing strategy as well for successful LinkedIn campaigns.
  • Best LinkedIn lead generation solution is personalization – if you can personalize your outreach messages, leveraging LinkedIn will become 10x rewarding.

Closing Remarks - LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies

It’s time to reinvigorate the process of generating leads and focus on adding genuine value for your audience. By doing so, every platform we engage with — from LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook — will transform into a thriving, productive space where all participants reap rewards and achieve new business objectives without causing frustration to others. Using premium subscription of LinkedIn sales navigator and LinkedIn ads are also a great way to generate prospects on LinkedIn. B2B lead generation is a complex process, and having a good presence on LinkedIn will help you attract potential leads.

Lead generation process might involve having LinkedIn lead gen forms – that you can create with third party tool to manage list of leads. Try to provide most value to the audience on LinkedIn, a compelling LinkedIn bio and good LinkedIn activities will help you find qualified leads.

We trust that with the advice provided above, you possess the necessary tools to initiate a prosperous campaign on LinkedIn!