7 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools for Lead Generation in 2024


If you are looking for a platform where you want to generate leads, consider using LinkedIn to achieve that goal. Although LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet, many professionals do not use it to its full potential.

Optimizing the lead generation process is time-consuming. Activities like getting the client information, approaching them on the platform, and more can be taxing and is practically data entry work.

A LinkedIn automation tool can aid you with these problems and accelerate your lead-generation process. LinkedIn automation tools are automation software that reduces the need for human input by automating repetitive tasks.

How Can the LinkedIn Automation Tool Help You Generate Leads?

The reach of LinkedIn is spread across 200 countries; if you are a B2B business looking to expand your business, this is your golden opportunity.

The benefits of using the LinkedIn automation tool are :

  • Expand your outreach
  • Run outreach campaigns to generate leads
  • Keep your leads’ data updated 
  • Integrate your LinkedIn account with your CRM

7 Best LinkedIn Automation tool for Lead Generation

  • 1) LeadConnect

    lead connect

    LeadConnect enables you to automate your LinkedIn Outreach and generate leads. It helps you with multiple personalized follow-ups and automated native integration to Hubspot. The software offers features like personalizing your message for the prospects with various placeholder and blocklist functionality, helping you avoid sending requests to the prospect with whom you have previously connected.

    Pros :

    • Easy integration with the email finders tools like Findthatlead, Hunter.io, Anymailfinder, Briteverify, Hunter.io, Skrapp and more.
    • With the help of auto sequences, you can contact an unlimited number of prospects per day with personalized messages and generate predictable revenue.
    • Reply detection keeps you updated with the latest customer activity, and once the user responds, the follow-up is automatically stopped.
    • Make informed decisions with the insights generated by the response and acceptance tracking.

    Cons :

    • It needs Zapier for it to integrate with other CRMs.
    • Inability to include images.

    Pricing :

    Once your needs grow from the forever free plan, you have three options when considering an upgrade;

    • Professional – $22.95
    • Grow – $40.95
    • Ultimate – $77.95
  • 2) Lempod


    You can rely on the well-liked browser-based LinkedIn automation application Lempod
    to handle your campaigns.

    Lempod was created to assist in automating one critical LinkedIn activity :
    engagement driving. And because articles with the most engagement are displayed to more people, this is an essential component of the LinkedIn algorithm. Your LinkedIn network expands due to receiving more connection requests and profile views.

    Use Lemon to identify and join pods in your industry to increase participation.
    Every pod member automatically likes and comments on your posts when you publish new content. Lempod only permits one post per user daily and caps the number of participants in each pod at 50 to guarantee that pods stay hidden.

    Pros of Lempod

    • Cost-effective pricing.
    • Easy to navigator software.
    • Easy to drive views on the content.

    Cons of Lempod

    • No fee trial.
    • Fewer features compared to the LinkedIn automation tool.


    Lempod cost – $5/pod/month

  • 3) SalesHub.ai

    saleshub ai

    A robust platform for generating leads and revenue is LinkedIn. Saleshub.ai is one LinkedIn automation solution that can assist you in accomplishing that.

    One of the main reasons Saleshub is such a successful tool for sales outreach on LinkedIn is that personalization was a crucial component in its design. All of your prospects may be easily reached by sending them hyper-personalized communications with photos included, thanks to the Hyperise

    The email discovery and verification feature is another priceless tool that marketers and salespeople will like. This makes it more likely that anyone you contact is a natural person,
    not a robot.

    Pros of Saleshub.ai

    • User-friendly automation features.
    • You can connect emails and LinkedIn in a campaign.
    • Automated update of client information for personalized outreach

    Cons of Saleshub.ai

    • Pricing is not simple.


    Saleshub.ai cost – $49/user/month + any add-ons.

  • 4) Phantombuster


    Phantombuster is a solution that assists companies in automating any online task
    they may desire, including LinkedIn automation.

    The data scraping capability of Phantombuster, which provides you with helpful
    information to launch successful campaigns, is one of its best features. You may simplify your life using
    the cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool, which automates tasks like sending connection requests, liking and
    commenting on posts, sending personalized messages, and much more.

    Phantombuster must be used with a more powerful personalization tool to get the
    most out of your personalization plan. With the Hyperise integration, for instance, your CTA conversions can
    be multiplied by two.

    Pros of Phantombuster

    • It facilitates you to grow your network faster.
    • Collects data from LinkedIn and other social media profiles.
    • Offers integration with different tools.
    • With auto endorsing your connections’ skills.
    • Free tool.

    Cons of Phantombuster

    • It can be hard to work with the APIs.
    • Technical support could be better.


    Phontombuster cost ranges from $0/month to $900/month.

  • 5) Texau


    With the help of the growth automation platform TexAu, you may expand your company’s online presence on sites like LinkedIn and others.

  • Like Phantombuster, TexAu’s workflows and data scraping functionality simplify automation. Connecting on LinkedIn, sending messages, commenting on posts, and many other tasks are all automatable. You may also scrape the data of group members if you belong to a LinkedIn group, which you ought to do. By integrating TexAu with Hyperise, you may further improve your personalization.

  • 6) Zopto


    You’ll appreciate numerous noteworthy LinkedIn automation features from Zopto, such
    as contact/company screening, customizable engagement levels, and simple data-driven lead management. Zopto
    is a LinkedIn automation tool that every company and marketing/sales team should have in their toolbox. And
    be sure to combine it with Hyperise for the most significant outcomes.

    Pros of Zopto

    • Test your message with A/B test functionality.
    • Offers features for the target audience.
    • The software is constantly updated.

    Con of Zopto

    • Onboarding is not frictionless.


    Zopto offers three pricing plans:

    • Personal – $215/month
    • Growth – $395/month
    • Agency – $895/month
  • 7) Reply.io

    reply io

    Reply.io is a different Chrome extension that has established its name in LinkedIn lead generation circles.
    You may browse LinkedIn profiles to locate and bookmark those matching your ideal customer profile with Reply.io, a tool created especially for sales teams. You can utilize them right away in your ongoing outreach effort or store them for later.

    Reaching out to or following up on leads is sometimes one of the most significant problems sales teams encounter. That issue is resolved with Reply.io because you can automate both components of your sales activity.

    Pro of Reply.io

    • Every helpful customer support.
    • Easy-to-use drip campaigns are super easy.
    • You can integrate the tool with other software or tools for
      seamless omnichannel experiences.

    Cons of Reply.io

    • It does not offers native integration.


    Reply.io has various pricing plans for individuals and businesses ranging from $470/month to $120/month and
    customized songs.

Conclusion :

In the above blog we have briefed you about what a LinkedIn automation tool is, why you should use a LinkedIn automation tool and list of the best LinkedIn automation tools. If you want to know more about LinkedIn automation or get more tips to boost your LinkedIn automation then contact our customer support team and book a free demo. Get the right guidance to boost your outreach now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Automating the messages you send to connections on LinkedIn is known as message automation. This applies to any communication you might want to send on LinkedIn, such as a connection request or a prospecting message.


Automation of LinkedIn messages must be done securely, nevertheless. Refrain from bombarding your connections with many texts at a time. That is seen as spam, and LinkedIn will ban you for it.

Your account type has a lot to do with how many LinkedIn connection requests you can send in a day. The following recommendations for each account’s limits:

  • LinkedIn Free: 50 connections maximum per day.
  • Between 100 and 125 for LinkedIn Premium.
  • 200-225 on the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Refrain from making all of your connection requests at once. This can cause some people to wonder. Spread them out throughout the day as an alternative.

LH’s initial iteration was a Chrome add-on. The second one is a standalone web browser. To replicate human motions like clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, and text entry on the Linkedin page, we don’t need to insert its code into the website as it is a web browser. Like the majority of LinkedIn automation solutions, LinkedIn disapproves of LinkedHelper. However, using it is legal, provided you do so by the law.

Several LinkedIn automation tools are listed as Chrome extensions when searching for them. These are merely Chrome-based, browser-based LinkedIn automation solutions. You must sign into your LinkedIn account from your browser to use a LinkedIn Chrome extension.

The solution needs to be more prominent. This is because success on LinkedIn is determined by the caliber of the connections you create rather than their quantity. Even though you can have 30,000 connections, those figures are meaningless if most of them do not benefit your network. You get more visible on LinkedIn as your network grows.

On LinkedIn, mass message sending is simple. You can even do it without using outside resources. You may access your inbox from your LinkedIn account by clicking the “compose message” icon. 50 connections are allowed in the recipients’ field. This method has limitations since you could want to send more than 50 messages.


Tools for LinkedIn automation can help with it.


You may send mass messages on LinkedIn using the best automation solutions for LinkedIn. However, they do it in a human-like way that doesn’t go against LinkedIn’s rules. You can also use other filters to choose which connections to include in your campaign.

With the use of an effective LinkedIn automation solution. Sending numerous connection requests at once will appear suspicious, so refrain from doing so. Use a device that. Possesses superior lead quality improvement filtering abilities. Sends connection requests erratically and with a delay to resemble human behavior.